Setting Themselves Apart
The women of the Pentecostal Church have complicated lives, setting themselves apart from mainstream society out of respect for God. This story explores the joys and challenges of Pentecostal women in an effort to examine and challenge stereotypes about their faith. 
(Annie Agnone / still photography, audio collection, editing)
Palmer Fest
Palmer Fest in Athens, Ohio, started peacefully this year, but by nightfall it had turned ugly. Student revelers set fires and clashed violently with local police. Stylized portraiture and documentary photography combine to illustrate this outlandish tradition turned dangerous . 

(Annie Agnone / audio collection)
A Life Uncovered
Bare Valley is a nudist camp nestled in the Appalachian foothills near Logan, Ohio. Jerry and Nancy Williamson of Naples, Fla., have made Bare Valley their winter home for the past 10 years. 

(Annie Agnone / still photography, audio collection, editing)
Comforting the Dying
Robert Lockheed, 56, is a Trager® Practitioner for Appalachian Community Visiting Nurses, Hospice and Health Services, Inc. Lockheed travels around the Athens area treating hospice patients with Trager, which incorporates touch and movement to alleviate pain. 

(Annie Agnone / audio collection, editing)